Emma Brett-JonesPsychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy
Esher, Surrey

About Counselling

Psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy offer an opportunity to look at your current difficulties in a confidential setting.

The psychodynamic approach is based on the understanding that our earliest relationships deeply influence our ways of feeling, thinking and behaving. Counselling offers a person an opportunity to examine how difficulties in their present life may be influenced by ways of coping developed earlier in life that may be destructive or no longer helpful in adulthood. A non-judgemental and supportive relationship with a counsellor or psychotherapist is a place where ways of relating can be examined and understood. Together we might explore your thoughts, feelings, memories and dreams which might lead us to think about your past as well as your present.

Together we would work towards your gaining a greater understanding of yourself which can provide the foundation for change.

I offer both short and longer term work. Counselling tends to be short term, concentrating on resolving particular, current problems. Psychotherapy is often longer term or open ended, exploring deeper issues or patterns of behaviour established earlier in life.

Will it help?

Counselling and psychotherapy are valuable experiences that can offer support and opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Therapy isn't right for everyone, a therapist will not give advice and each person undertaking therapy has different needs. However it can help a person to consider different choices and make sense of their feelings and reactions. In time, as a sense of trust is established, deeper understanding can emerge. Therapy aims to help people in distress to gain insight and understanding of themselves and their situation and thereby the opportunity to move forward in their lives.

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